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Direct Drive Technology based on the linear motors."Mars".

A novel solution for most problems in the domain of highly dynamical and hi-precision applications is manufacturing the direct-drive systems based on linear motors converting the electromagnetic energy into the displacement of the output member.
It is within the scope of "RAO Mars activities to develop and manufacture the linear synchronous motors based upon the direct-drive technology.
The direct drive of RAO Mars is designed on the basis of AC linear motors excited from permanent hi-energy magnets (NdFeB).

The available technology and companys resources ensure the shortest time of the complete production cycle:from the developing through manufacturing and testing

Deployment has been achieved of two manufacturing series: 2ML 1ML


positioning precision within nanometers; high uniformity of travel; rigidity of drive.
high acceleration; high end speeds.
program control and versatility: multiple traveling carriages and multicoordinate systems; few components in the system; simplicity ease of mounting and adjustment.
low wear and high precision throughout the product lifetime; low vibration and noise; few backbone components.
Compact size:
small size; easily integrated into available designs:
Maintenance-free; high protection.