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High-speed Milling Machine with CNC
High-speed Milling Machine with CNC

The Milling Machine with CNC used for high quality milling and engraving of surfaces of details and products in two-dimensional (2D) and three- dimensional (3D) space.

Types of Treated Materials

Natural stone, artificial stone, soft and hard wood, "Alucobond", "Dibond", any polystyrene, color metal, acrylic glass and Perspex, turbonit, model plastic.
Structural features
Direct Drive
    Implemented Direct Drive system on linear motor base (RAO Mars). At that transmission of exertion and motion on actuator (X,Y and Z axials displacement) accurs without redactor. Thereby there is no need in clutchs, rollers and other mechanical drive details. It conduces to increasing of precision of treatment and ensures high speed of operation. Direct Drive is the most reliable electric motor from technical point of view.
  • Bundle of Air Preparation with Built in Relay of Pressure

    Provides permanent support of necessary pressure in pneumatic system for uninterrupted work of all pneumatic bundles, which insures safe machine work. In case of accidental drop of pressure in pneumatic system, machine turns off automatically.

    Separately Standing Electric Box and Control Panel

    Electronic system of positioning with components of leading manufacturers of the world (DELTA TAU, etc.), composed in separate block, isolated from vibrations, overheating and other external influences. With the aid of the software control panel implements possibility of loading of programs from hard discs. Ensures serviceability, work and resetting speed of machine.
    Remote Control Panel of the Machine

    Intended for fast setup and ensures convenience of work and service.
Technical Characteristics
Work table size mm 1100 * 2000
X and Y treatment zone size, the largest mm 1000 * 1800
Displacement of spindle by axial Z mm 170
Speed of supply, (stepless) m/min 0-25
Precision of positioning mkm 60
Reiteration 20
Frecuency rotation of spindle turns/min 40 000
Power of spindle kw 2,2
Total fixed power kw 10,0
Voltage volt 380
Current frequency hertz 50
Overall dimensions of the machine mm 2440*1848*1700

Samples of works
Modern stile