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Cold punching
The shop has a number of the machines providing manufacture of products from sheet metal, starting from idle time cutting before complex operations of an insertion and punchings. The main equipment will consist of the automated line punching, drilling and bending machine tools for sheet metal, revolving punching press with PDD, sheet steel pressure, press with mechanical drive and with the automatic equipment of submission of rolls, and also automatic system of welding, line for protapering sheet metal on sheet bending roller machines working under the control of programmed microprocessors.
Line of punching and stamping machines
The sizes of a sheet on a diagonal 2500 Length width 2380x1500 Length width (min) 310x140 Rotor devices of turn of a sheet of 90,180,270 degrees. Punching of a head: diameter 33 (max) - A square with the party 90 - A procarved cutter 101 Length are flexible 2250 Thickness of a sheet of 50/mm at length are flexible 2250 (max) 2 Thickness of a sheet of 70kg/mm at length are flexible 2250 (max) 1
Revolving punching press with PDD
Effort of a punched hole of holes 30t Diameter having punched. hole (max) 41,2 at thicknesses 6,3. 88,9 at thicknesses 3,4 Speed of work punching press of 280 hole/min at a course 25,4 194 hole/min at a course 76,2 160 hole/min at a course 254 Revolver port end Capstan reversive rotation of 40cycle/min Cutting down of irregular forms of 400 hole/min at thicknesses. 3,4 270 hole/min at thicknesses. 6,3 Number of stations 33 Thickness of a sheet (max) 6,3 Accuracy of the position +/-0,12
Automatic welding system
The special device for welding corners of the made steel panels. Includes: - System of loading of/unloading - Two welding robots - A welding table with tightening system - System of electronic control