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Tool shop
The tool shop is equipped with the newest metal-cutting machine tools, Made leading firms in corresponding areas. The chosen machine tools are designed for manufacturing of a full range for the process equipment and equipment: - Compression moulds for moulding under pressure of plastic products, - Metal foundry forms for manufacturing components from aluminium alloys, - Bending stamps, - Extrusive heads for manufacturing extrusive aluminium shaped components, - Equipment of machine tools for positioning and fixings of components on tables Metalcutting machine tools, - Drilling adaptations, - Special measuring calibres, - Punching tools, - Assembly adaptations.
The coordinate -grinding machine tool
Model:Hauser SIP S50-CNC314
Manufacture:Henri Hauser SA
Range of adjustment on axes X and at 900600 The size in light between the engine The grinding machine tool and a table 0 - 735 The size in light between racks 950 Diameter of polishing (pol. area 100) without the lengthened disk (m) 230 with it lengthened a disk (m) 360 Cone polishing on a corner (missing and converging) (m) 16 Accuracy of the position on axes X and at 0,004
Electrospark installation of a scrap by a wire
Model:Robofil - 200
Manufacture:Charmilles Technologies SA
The metalcutting machine tool with management on the basis of the microprocessor for draft and fair processing of details of the various form, namely: - A piece of the cylindrical form - A piece of the cylindrical form on a cone with various corners - A piece of cylindrical forms under a cone with continuous change Corner of a cone as the crow flies or a circular arch - A piece of the forms having various geometrical structures on two levels Course on axes X and at 450 mm, 320 mm Course on axis Z of 175 mm Course on U and V 50 mm 50 mm Displacement at metal working (min) 0,001 mm Speed of displacement (m) 0,9 m / mines Height of a processable detail (m) 200 mm (with the additional device of 260 mm) Weight of processed details (m) 800 kg The sizes of processed details (m) 1100800
Universal vertical boring and the milling machine tool
Manufacture:Maho Machine Tool Ltd
Length of a course on an axis X 600 mm on an axis Y 400 mm on an axis Z 400 mm Range of speed 80 - 4000 rev/min Range of submission for all axes 1 - 2000 mm / mines Area of a table 900460 mm
The laser besieging device
Manufacture:Integrated Laser System Ltd
For drawing an additional layer on wear out covering tools , stamps, etc. Includes: - The high-speed axial laser - 2,5 kw - The mobile crane with coordinate table (-) with (mm)- 10001000 - System of submission of a powder (single submission) - An atomizer of submission of a powder - Chilling down device - The subsidiary diagnostic module.