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Manufacture extrusive products, moulding of plastic
The shop has three branches: 1. Extrusion structures from aluminium, the sizes holding at size Circles in diameter up to 70мм. 2. Extrusion of structures from polyvinilchloride (PVC) with overall dimensions in section of a structure 200х70мм, there is an installation for automatic punching and longitudinal cutting preparations. 3. Moulding formation of plastic on modern moulding machines, with weight details from 1 gramm up to 400 gramm and the sizes from 5мм up to 400мм.
Line for aluminium extrusion (effort 350 t)
Manufacture:Extrusion press Services UK. Ltd
Press for aluminium extrusion includes: - Extrusion-press - A heater of ingots with the loading device - A furnace of heating of compression moulds - A stripper - System of air-cooling The basic effort press 350 t The basic effort of reverse motion 27,5 t Hydraulically press 231 bar Capacity of pumps (2х55+35) kw Diameter of ingots (move) of 75 mm Length of ingots of 250 mm Quantity of ingots at an hour 35pieces
The machine for moulding plastic under pressure
The machine of screw type with tightening mechanism of double bend of a lever and the hydraulic drive, working under the control of a programmed microprocessor.
Line of extrusion PVC
Manufacture:Bausano extruder division (Italy)
Consists: - extruder with twin-screw diam. 46 mm - Water sprayer - The perfect device - The device punching / longitudinal cutting - Automatic dust machine