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Contract production
Printed Circuit Boards Preparation Designing Arrangement

Specialized Technological Design Office
Develops and launches new devices in the following areas:
Electronic equipment through microprocessor control for production needs( remote controllers, display and shielding for the machines, furnaces and other equipment), for transportation means ( taximeter, recording tachometers, rating metres), for medical purposes ( An apparatus for measuring the ultra-violate radiation intensity, programmable electric vacuum furnaces for dentistry).
1. Electric equipment for elevator industry.
2. Cells for elevator control system shelves, power modules
3. Button modules and call stations
4. Transportation fee charging systems in elevators electronic equipments
5. Special gauges and elevator cabine door drive control
6. Power supply electronics and transformation technics
7. Power supply transformers on the basis of smart IGBT modules
8. Local power supply equipment chargers , self-contained convertors, powerful stabilizers ...>>
Automatic Design System enables:
To design programme support
on the package bases
- Borland DBASE
- Turbo Pascal
- Turbo C++ For
- Borland Pascal with
Operating System
Development System
To develop electronic schemes, To manufacture
their computer
simaultaion, PCB development , with a release of all necessary technological devices for manufacture, including photo-masks, drilling , milling programmes , component installation for electronic schemes assembly on PCB and all technical documentation.
To develop construction drawings with a release of all necessary devices for manufacture and design documentation ...>>